Waste disposal

The registration, deregistration and re-registration can be done in writing, in person or by telephone by the property owner or the property manager. Please have your account number or customer number in front of you.
If you have any further questions, the waste advice service of Stadtreinigung Hamburg will advise you on the number given in the contact details.

Hotline for reporting contamination: Tel. 040 / 2576-1111.
Please contact the Hamburg city cleaning service.


Bulky waste collection on request: Tel. 040 / 2576-2576.

Clean City Hotline: Tel. 040 / 2576-1111 (available 24 hours).
Ordering organic or paper bins for landowners: Tel. 040 / 2576-2777.
Order the yellow Hamburg recycling bags: Tel. 040 / 2576-3333.

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