Infection Protection Act, payment of compensation in the event of loss of earnings

If you are quarantined at home or are banned from working due to the Infection Protection Act and suffer loss of earnings as a result, you are generally entitled to compensation
  • Proof of the amount of the wages
  • Proof of withholding taxes and social security contributions
  • Proof of paid or unpaid grants
  • Certificate of incapacity for work in the event of medical sick leave
  • Notification of the prohibition of activity and its lifting
  • Extract from the collective agreement on continued payment of wages in the event of incapacity to work


Quarantine set by the health department.


The compensation is based on the loss of earnings. For the first six weeks, it is granted in the amount of the loss of earnings. From the beginning of the seventh week onwards, it is paid in the amount of sick pay. In the case of employees, the employer must pay compensation to the competent authority for the duration of the employment relationship, for a maximum of six weeks. The amounts paid will be reimbursed to the employer by the competent authority upon request.
Law for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in humans - (Infection Protection Law - IfSG) § 56 Infection Protection Law, Paragraph 1

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