Accelerated specialist procedure for obtaining a residence permit

An employer can apply for an accelerated skilled worker procedure (Section 81a of the Residence Act) on the authority of a skilled worker abroad.
Examination within shortened deadlines:
  • Residence law requirements for entry
  • Recognition of foreign professional or university qualifications
  • Obtaining approval from the Federal Employment Agency
If all prerequisites are met, pre-approval will be given:
  • Specialist receives an appointment within 3 weeks at the responsible German diplomatic mission abroad (for visa applications)
  • another 3 weeks until the visa is issued
  • Entry of family members possible, if at the same time or in a temporal context (within 6 months)
For advice on a case-by-case basis, the following documents are required:
  • Power of attorney of the foreign person
  • possibly plus power of attorney from which the power of representation for the employer results
  • Color copy of the foreign person's national passport
  • Graduation certificate / proof of training
The other documents to be submitted for the procedure will be determined during the consultation.


- The foreign person is in the country of which he is a national or lawfully in a third country
- Specific job or apprenticeship offer from an employer


The accelerated skilled worker procedure is aimed at foreign persons who, for one of the purposes of the Residence Act, are:
  • § 16a (vocational training / in-house training),
  • Section 16d (implementation of measures for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications),
  • § 18a (employment as a skilled worker with vocational training),
  • § 18b (employment as a specialist with academic training) or
  • § 18c paragraph 3 (employment as a highly qualified specialist with academic training) want to enter or
  • to other qualified employees.
The local jurisdiction depends on the location of the permanent establishment in which the foreign person is to be deployed.
Please make an appointment in advance for a consultation!
Section 81a Residence Act

Related Links

  • Hamburg Welcome Portal
The Hamburg Welcome Center for Professionals (HWCP) advises employers on the accelerated specialist procedure and the documents to be submitted. This also includes advice on family members to reunite with them in a timely manner.
If the procedure is to be carried out, the authorized employer and the HWCP conclude a corresponding agreement. The HWCP acts as the central point of contact and mediator in the process. It initiates and monitors the approval process at the responsible body. In doing so, it informs the employer immediately of new developments and forwards the relevant letters.
After completion of the recognition process, the HWCP advises the employer on how to proceed and, if necessary, obtains approval for employment from the Federal Employment Agency.
The HWCP also checks the legal requirements for the intended purpose of stay and issues a preliminary approval if all requirements are met.
The foreign specialist should be given an appointment with the responsible German diplomatic mission abroad within three weeks to apply for a visa upon presentation of the prior consent. As a rule, the diplomatic mission abroad should have decided on the application within a further three weeks and issue an entry visa.

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