Income tax return, automatic consideration of electronic data

Income tax returns from 2019 can be made much easier:
  • Much tax-relevant data is already electronically available to the tax office.
  • The electronic data no longer have to be entered in the income tax return; the tax office automatically takes the data into account.
  • The paper forms have been redesigned: Areas for which electronic data is usually available are highlighted in color and generally no longer have to be filled out.
  • Areas affected are wage dates, pensions or certain contributions to health insurance / long-term care insurance and old-age provision.
  • If no additional or deviating values are available, annexes N, R and precautionary expenses no longer need to be submitted.
Income tax return


The electronic submission of the tax return via "My ELSTER - your online tax office" is even more convenient. There, the data available to the tax office can be transferred to the tax return with a click of the mouse (pre-filled tax return, see links).

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