Supervision decree, advice and certification

If you need a legal guardian to deal with your affairs, the court will also hear you as part of the guardianship procedure on who you want to be your guardian. If you can no longer comment, the court has to take into account wishes that you have previously determined.
In this case, you can make a written precautionary decree for the case of care, also known as a “care decree”. You can determine who should be appointed as your legal advisor. You can also determine who is under no circumstances to be considered as a supervisor.

In addition to any wishes about the supervisor, you have the option of specifying your wishes and ideas for a later supervisor in a supervision decree, such as:
  • Do I want to maintain my standard of living in the event of childcare? Should my assets be used up if necessary?
  • Should home admission be required, do I want to live in a specific home?
  • Who would I like to be looked after if I need care?
These are just suggestions. Your individual situation is decisive.
Identity card.


The identity card of the person signing is required to authenticate a signature on a care directive. The public authentication of the signature or the hand sign is carried out free of charge.


The supervision order should be drawn up in writing for reasons of evidence and signed by you with the place and date. A legal capacity is not required.

Anyone who has a care order drawn up by someone else is obliged to hand it over to the care court after they have become aware of the initiation of proceedings regarding the appointment of a carer. Supervision orders can be registered with the Central Pension Register of the Federal Chamber of Notaries for a small fee.

We recommend that you make an appointment in advance to take part in information events and personal consultations.
§ 1897 Civil Code (BGB) (appointment of a natural person),
Section 1901 c of the German Civil Code (BGB) (written support requests, power of attorney),

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