Collection of a found item
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Wenn Sie etwas verloren haben, müssen Sie die Fundsache in der Regel persönlich beim Zentralen Fundbüro abholen. Anhängig von Große und Gewicht, kann eine Fundsache auch gegen Entrichtung einer Versandgebühr versendet werden.
  • If you have lost something, you can ask the central lost and found office in Hamburg whether the missing item was handed in there.
  • You can ask questions in person or over the phone. Alternatively, you can search online for the lost item in the find search.
  • As a rule, you have to pick up the lost property in person at the central lost and found office.
  • Depending on the size and weight, a lost property can also be sent for a shipping fee.
  • The lost property will be handed over to you against payment of a custody fee.
  • Please contact the central lost and found office in Hamburg in advance.
  • Identity card, passport, residence permit (valid personal document)
  • Proof of ownership, e.g. sales contracts, boxes with stickers showing the serial or IMEI number, for keys: a duplicate key
  • If you lose a mobile phone, also: the IMEI or SIM card number (from the purchase documents). Due to the large number of mobile phones that have been lost, it is not sufficient to bring your personal PIN with you.
  • in the case of collection by a third party: a power of attorney, a copy of the owner's identity card, a valid identity document of the collector
  • if applicable, the notification letter from the central lost and found office in Hamburg.


Loss of a thing/object.


In any case, please bring a valid identification document with you when picking up a lost item. If you want to authorize another person to collect the goods, please issue them a power of attorney. A copy of the principal's ID and a valid ID of the person picking you up are required.

In the case of lost property such as plastic bags, linen bags, paper bags, bags, backpacks, scarves, gloves, glasses, umbrellas and clothing, we ask that you visit us personally, as these are "mass items" and cannot always be processed individually for the online lost property search .

Purses, lost property with documents
If there are personal documents in the found objects, we will write to you personally as the presumed owner.

In the case of lost keys, we ask you to visit us personally, as you must present us with a second key for proof of ownership.

Individual documents
These are forwarded to the issuing offices (other cities, consulates, banks, insurance companies, etc.) and are not available for collection at the central lost and found office.

cell phones and other mobile devices
If you lose your mobile phone or other mobile device, we need proof of ownership before handing it over, on which the serial number or IMEI number or SIM card number is listed (e.g. purchase contract, box or provider contract).
Just having your personal PIN ready is not enough due to the mass of mobile devices.

The search for lost or stolen bicycles is only possible if the make, color and frame number are known.
Please note that the police will hand over the bikes to us at the earliest 10 weeks after they have been found. The police need this time to compare the bicycles found with the theft reports and, if necessary, to locate the owner.
If you need a certificate for your insurance, please note that there is a fee of EUR 10 for this. Please bring the documents from the police with you, they contain all the relevant data for issuing the insurance certificate.

Search for finds online
Found items can be searched for online, see under Forms, Services & Links: Lost property office online.
§§ 965 ff. Civil Code

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  • By asking (in person, by e-mail or by telephone) or by being notified in writing by the central lost and found office in Hamburg, you have learned that the item you lost was handed in at the central lost and found office in Hamburg.
  • If you go to the Central Lost and Found Office in Hamburg, you will be asked to describe the missing item and, if necessary, to provide proof of ownership (sales contract, serial numbers, etc.).
  • After personal legitimation, submission of proof of ownership and payment of the custody fee, you will receive your property back.

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