Disposal of lost and found items
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Wenn Sie einen verlorenen Gegenstand finden, sind Sie gesetzlich dazu verpflichtet, diesen abzugeben, wenn der Zeitwert des gefundene Gegenstandes 10 EUR übersteigt.
You must hand in a found item immediately if the current value exceeds EUR 10. The found item, place and time, where and when you found the item are recorded. Your personal details will only be written down if you wish.
You can claim a reward for finding and turning in the item if it is successfully returned to the owner. You can reclaim the item if the owner has not collected it after a period of 6 months.
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Found an item.


If you have found something, you can hand it in to the Central Lost & Found Office in Hamburg, the customer centers or the police station without an appointment. Independent of day and time, each Hamburg police station accepts lost property and forwards it to the central lost and found office as quickly as possible.

If you should find something in a subway or a bus of a Hamburg transport company, please hand it over to an employee of the transport company immediately. These lost and found items are also quickly forwarded to the central lost and found office.

Bicycles may only be accepted by the Hamburg police departments.
The police departments check whether the bicycles found have been reported as stolen. After a comparison with theft reports, which can take up to 10 weeks, the police hand over the bicycles to the central lost and found office in Hamburg.

Animals may only be accepted by the animal shelter Süderstraße.
Hamburg Animal Welfare Association from 1841 eV Süderstraße 399
20504 Hamburg
Phone: 040 - 21 11 06 11

Finder's wage claims / reimbursement of expenses
Claims for a finder's reward or reimbursement of expenses must be requested independently from the owner of the item found. According to Section 971 BGB, the finder’s reward is dependent on the value of the item: 5% up to EUR 500 and 3% from EUR 500.

Acquisition of ownership after the retention period has expired is excluded in the following cases:
The legislator has made different regulations in § 978 BGB, paragraph 2, for finds in business premises or means of transport of public authorities (police, district offices, customer centers, specialist offices, etc.) and transport companies (subways and buses). Here you will receive half of the statutory finder's fee for items with a value of at least EUR 50.

The acquisition of property or the right to a finder's fee for objects found in private business premises. This applies, for example, to savings banks, banks, theatres, showrooms, department stores, restaurants and other rooms accessible to a larger audience, as well as taxis is only possible if the business owner has issued a written declaration of waiver.

According to case law, in these cases you are not to be regarded as a finder, but as a discoverer.

§§ 965 ff. German Civil Code (BGB)

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  • If you find an item, you must hand it in.
  • Fill out a find report at the Hamburg police station, stating where and when you found the item.
  • You can provide your personal information such as name, address and contact details.
  • You will receive a corresponding letter with which you can, if necessary, reclaim the item.

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