Prostitution activity, business, permit
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The Prostitute Protection Act came into force on July 1, 2017. The law introduces an official registration requirement for all prostitutes. In addition, a permit requirement for the operation of a prostitution business is introduced.
Prostitution industry:
  • Application according to § 12 ProstSchG
  • Copy of identity card (front and back) or passport with registration certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority according to document type 0, or European certificate of good conduct for applicant or legal representative
  • Extract from the central trade register for applicants or legal representation (max. Three months old)
  • Current excerpt from the trade / cooperative / association register - for legal persons

Operating concept for:

Prostitution facilities and prostitution events with the following documents:

  • Floor plan (3-fold) of the indoor and, if necessary, outdoor facilities with escape routes.
  • Lease, lease or proof of ownership
  • House rules, if applicable
  • Sample contract / sample agreement with prostitutes
  • If necessary, hygiene plan
  • Other if applicable (e.g. permits, permits)

Prostitution vehicles with the following documents:

  • Current operating license (approval certificate part I and II)
  • Current photo of the vehicle

Note (deputy permission):
If your prostitution business is to be operated by a person appointed as a substitute, a separate permit and reliability check are required (§§ 13, 14 Paragraph 3 Prost-SchG). The application for a deputy permission can only be made if permission to engage in prostitution has been granted.


Who does the permit requirement apply to?
For people who run a prostitution business as an operator. A prostitution business is operated by anyone who commercially offers services in connection with the provision of sexual services by at least one other person or provides premises for this by
  • operates a prostitution facility,
  • provides a prostitution vehicle,
  • organizes or carries out a prostitution event or
  • operates a prostitution agency.
Law for the protection of persons working in prostitution (Prostitute Protection Act - ProstSchG)
ProstAV: Prostitution Registration Ordinance
ProstStatV: Prostitution Statistics Ordinance
Printed matter Hamburg: Drs. 21/11140

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