Apply for a severely handicapped ID card online

At the address Hamburg Serviceportal Gateway (see related links), applications for severely disabled people can now also be submitted online in Hamburg. The required information is queried simply and clearly and medical documents can be uploaded at the same time. The data and files are electronically transmitted to the pension office. So that the other necessary medical documents can be requested, the printed and signed application must be sent to the pension office.
The application can be submitted in writing (by fax, e-mail with a scanned application and signature, online or by post)
  • Completed application (see link)
  • Copy of the medical documents in possession (not older than 2 years, the pension office may request further reports directly from doctors or hospitals)
  • Copy of identity card or
  • for foreign applicants: copy of proof of legitimate residence in Germany


  • German and EU citizens residing in Hamburg or
  • foreign applicants with legal residence
  • Presence of a disability


Application procedure:
A personal appearance is not required!

The application should be filled out and signed as completely as possible , this speeds up processing. As soon as all documents have been received, the medical service of the authority gives an opinion on the health disorders, the degree of disability and the marks. An examination is not required on a regular basis. After completing the processing, you will receive a notification of the degree of disability.

Degree of disability (GdB):
The GdB is a measure of the severity of the health impairments. A determination is made between a GdB of 20 and 100.

GdB 20 to 40 disabled person
If a GdB of 20 to 40 is determined, you are considered a disabled person in the sense of the severely disabled person's law.

If you have a GdB of 30 or 40 and you are unable to obtain or keep a suitable job as a result of your disability, you can apply for equality with severely disabled people at the responsible employment agency (notification of assessment must be submitted).

GdB from 50 severely disabled person - severely disabled person's pass
From a GdB of 50 one is considered a severely disabled person and is entitled to a severely disabled person's ID.

Section 2, Paragraph 2 of the Social Code, Book Ninth (SGB IX)
ยง 152 Social Code Book Ninth (SGB IX)

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