Residence status in the event of loss of the national passport, Central Immigration Office

In principle, the embassy / consulate is responsible for issuing passports. The reissue can take a few weeks.

Foreigners are obliged to report the loss / theft of their passport to the immigration authorities immediately. There you will receive a certificate of lost identity papers (with a passport photo if you wish). This is usually required by the embassy / consulate.

The theft of the passport must also be reported to the police.

After receiving the new passport, you must visit the immigration office again to apply for the new residence permit.

If the passport is found again, the responsible immigration office must be informed immediately.

  • Existing documents, if possible with a photo, for example an identity card
  • other documents to establish your identity
  • a biometric passport photo
  • in the event of theft, the police will also report the theft


Appearance in person is required.


The Hamburg residents' central office is only responsible for this service if a passport has already been presented there and the passport holder has received a residence permit in connection with this passport in accordance with Section 25 (5) AufenthG and has this for less than 18 months.

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