Apply for an Alster boat fishing permit
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Jeweils Anfang eines Jahren können Sie Alsterbootangelkarten für das Jahr erwerben.
This permit is granted in accordance with § 42 Para. 2 Clause 1 HVO under the following terms and conditions in order to prevent or compensate for the impairment of safety and the ease of traffic:
1. This permission is not transferable. The permit and an official photo ID must be carried and shown to inspectors at any time upon request.
2. The vehicle name must be clearly visible on the vehicle in letters at least 10 cm high.
3. The permit holder is liable for all damage resulting from fishing and using the boat and indemnifies the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg against all third-party claims for damages resulting from the use of this permit.
4. Fishing from boats is only permitted on the Alster between the Hasenbergbrücke and the Reesendammbrücke and on the navigable tributaries of the Alster with the exception of the Stadtparksee and the parts of the Goldbek and Barmbeker branch canals within the Stadtpark area.
5. Fishing is not permitted in the fairway of the shipping lines or within a distance of less than 10 m from ship stops, jetties, swan nests and under bridges.
6. Ship traffic, regattas and events must not be impeded.
7. At night, fog and poor visibility, at least a white all-round light should be used.
8. It is only allowed to fish with one rod. Laying out driving rods, night lines or so-called sleeping rods or fishing with other equipment, especially with nets, is not permitted.
9. Violations of the above terms and conditions entitle the right to immediate revocation of this permit without compensation. Criminal or fine proceedings according to the applicable federal or state law provisions remain unaffected.
Reference is made to the prohibitions in accordance with Section 42 (3) HVO.
The provisions of the Hamburg Fisheries Act regarding fishing and the ordinance on the minimum size for fish must be observed.
The introduction of waste and the discharge of waste water or other water-polluting substances into the waters of the navigable Alster area are prohibited.
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You can purchase Alster boat fishing permits for the year 2022 from January 1st.

It is not allowed to fish in the canals assigned to the Alster area.

Section 42, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Port Traffic Regulations (HVO) as a supplement to Section 57, Paragraph 1 of the Maritime Traffic Regulations.

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