Tax identification number, notification (tax offices)
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Mit der Einführung der Steueridentifikationsnummer (IdNr) möchten das Bundesministerium der Finanzen und die Bundesregierung das Besteuerungsverfahren vereinfachen und Bürokratie abbauen.
You can see the personal tax identification number (IdNr) in the following documents:
  • income tax assessment
  • Income tax certificate
  • Information letter from the tax office about the electronic wage tax deduction features (sent in October/November 2011)
If your IdNr cannot be found, it can be requested again using an input form from the Federal Central Tax Office (see links).


  • A domestically registered resident


The local tax offices cannot issue tax identification numbers and cannot influence the allocation process of the Federal Central Tax Office.
The registration offices are responsible for changing the civil status data in the registration register (e.g. marriage, birth).
§§ 139a and 139b tax code.

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  • The identification number (IdNr) will be sent to you automatically by letter from the BZSt after your birth or when you move to Germany from abroad for the first time, as soon as the registration authority has sent the required data to the BZSt.

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