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The electronic wage tax deduction features (ELStAM) include the following information:
  • Tax class (if applicable, factor for tax class IV),
  • Church tax characteristic (possibly church tax characteristic of the spouse / partner),
  • Number of child allowances,
  • Income tax allowance and additional amount.

In the electronic process, this information is stored in a database at the Federal Central Tax Office (ELStAM database) and can be called up by the employer.

  • In principle, only the electronically stored data (ELStAM) are binding for the employer.
  • If this data changes (e.g. when changing the tax class), this is indicated by a change list.
  • This is made available to the employer electronically at the beginning of each month (see also service 'ELStAM - General information: ELStAM procedure').
Form 'Applications for electronic income tax deduction features' with tax identification number and signature. This can be submitted as follows:
  • In writing (by letter)
  • In person: with identity paper
  • By proxy: with identity paper of the proxy and written power of attorney


  • If the spouse / partner also needs a printout of their data stored in the ELStAM database, a separate application must be made.
Section 39e Income Tax Act and Section 139b Tax Code.

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Employees can obtain information about which ELStAMs are stored at the Federal Central Tax Office and which employers have accessed them in the last two years in Mein ELSTER.
  • This requires registration using the tax identification number (IdNr.).
  • Any existing registration in Mein ELSTER without an ID number. is not enough for that.
  • For further information on registering with Mein ELSTER see links.
In addition, information about the stored ELStAM can also be requested personally or in writing from the tax office.

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