Stopping and parking, exemption for tradespeople in resident parking zones

The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) only provide a right to a parking permit for residents of resident parking areas. All other interest groups - which also include traders - can only be exempted from the rules of the Road Traffic Act as an exception. Since there is basically no legal entitlement, exceptions for traders must always be checked on a case-by-case basis. Anyone who can prove that the vehicle is essential for operation and cannot be parked off the road or on company property can obtain an exemption. For this individual decision, the Landesbetrieb Verkehr (LBV) must therefore obtain an overview of the respective operational situation in order to keep the number of those parking spaces competing alongside the residents as low as possible.
The following documents must be available for the application:
  • Application form for tradespeople including an explanation of the use of the vehicle and its importance for the company
  • a copy of the registration certificate part I of the vehicle for which the authorization is to apply (or the vehicle registration document)
  • a copy of the business registration or excerpt from the commercial register
  • in the case of freelancers, a confirmation from the relevant professional association or chamber
  • proof of the company's registered office (copy of the purchase or rental agreement)
  • Images of the vehicle and the objects to be transported

When justifying your application, you should therefore pay particular attention to the following points:
  • How is the operational process structured?
  • Which objects / products are transported in which quantities?
  • How often are transports carried out?
  • How far are your current parking spaces?
  • Has renting a parking space been considered?


The easiest way to apply for an exemption is online (see link above) using our new digital application process; here you will be guided through the process step by step. Alternatively, you can also submit your application in person or by post, provided that all the necessary documents are available or have been sent.

Important: Your special permit must be displayed in a visible way in the vehicle!

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