Stopping and parking, easier parking for the severely disabled, replacement in the event of loss or theft

If your blue or orange parking card has been lost, for example due to theft, you can request a replacement document.

To apply for a replacement ID, you will need the following documents:
  • an identity card or passport with a current registration certificate
  • with the blue ID, a recent photo (not older than three months, not necessarily biometric) measuring 35 x 45 millimeters
  • a written declaration of loss stating that you hand in the old parking permit to the LBV if you find it again
  • if necessary, a report of theft
  • if necessary, an original power of attorney and the identity card or passport of the authorized person if the parking permit is not requested by you personally
  • the valid exemption from the LBV
  • Severely disabled ID card


The replacement card can only be requested from the Landesbetrieb Verkehr (LBV) Mitte location if the lost parking card was also issued by the LBV. The LBV cannot replace parking permits issued by other authorities.


The parking facility can only be issued to a severely disabled person. You do not have to submit the application in person, you can also apply for the replacement parking permit informally by post. A copy of all the documents mentioned must be attached.
You can also have an authorized person apply for the ID on your behalf. The authorized person needs your power of attorney and must present their own identity card. The validity of the replacement document ends with the same period that the original ID had.

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