Apply for a driver's license, passenger transport

The so-called driving license for passenger transport is required for the commercial transport of people.

The following documents must be available for the application:
  • a valid identity card or passport with current registration confirmation
  • EU driving license for cards (date of issue from January 19, 2013)
  • if the old driver 's license has to be exchanged for the EU card driver's license, a biometric passport photo 35 x 45 millimeters must also be brought along
  • for ambulances: proof of participation in first aid training
  • an ophthalmological report in accordance with Annex 6 of the Driving License Ordinance (FeV) not older than two years
  • a medical report in accordance with Annex 5.1 FeV not older than one year
  • a medical report in accordance with Annex 5.2 FeV is not older than one year (occupational or company physician)
  • a certificate of good conduct that is not older than three months at the time of the application (feature O for official purposes, to be applied for at the registration office)
  • the appointment confirmation

Occupational and industrial physicians for the examination in accordance with Annex 5 FeV can be requested from the Medical Association.


Requirements for the application:
  • Class B driving license in the format of the new EU card driving license (date of issue from January 19, 2013). If your driver's license was issued before this date, you must exchange it beforehand at the LBV.
  • Main residence in Hamburg
  • Minimum age 21 years (19 years for ambulances)
  • In possession of a car driver's license (class B) for at least two years within the last five years (one year is sufficient for ambulances)


Only the driving license offices LBV-Mitte and LBV-Nord are responsible for the application.

Validity of the passenger transport ticket
The driver's license to transport passengers is only granted for a maximum of three years until the regulation on the proof of the specialist examination. It should be extended in good time (four to six weeks before the expiry date).

Appointment booking
Appointments are booked via the LBV. Proceed as follows here:
1. Select the service driver's license for passenger transport under the service group driver's license.
2. Use the location selection to display appointments at a specific location.
3. After selecting the location, use the calendar displayed to select a free appointment (date and time).
4. Now enter your name and your e-mail address for booking.
5. You will receive an email. Please confirm the appointment.

Please bring the appointment confirmation that you will receive with you to the appointment.

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