Driving license, rewrite foreign driving license (EU / EEA)

Citizens of the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA, including Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) do not necessarily have to have their driving license converted into a German driving license, because their driving license is generally valid in Germany.
The meaning of the EU driving license classes in the individual member countries can be found under the link "Decision of the EU Commission on equivalences between driving license classes" (see below)

However, it may be necessary to convert classes C and D driving licenses, as these are only valid for a limited period in Germany. Therefore, please inquire in good time after your entry into the Federal Republic of Germany whether and when you need to have your driving license rewritten.

Please take the following documents with you to the appointment:
  • a valid identity card or passport with a current confirmation of registration
  • the valid foreign driver's license in the original (if necessary with an official translation)
  • a biometric passport photo 35 x 45 millimeters
  • the appointment confirmation

For driving licenses of classes C and D you also need:

  • an ophthalmological report is not older than two years
  • a medical certificate is not older than one year
  • a medical certificate is not older than one year (only class D)
  • a certificate of good conduct (class D only), which must be requested from the responsible residents' registration office and is not older than three months
  • if necessary, proof of professional driver qualification in the case of commercial goods and / or passenger transport

Attention: You only need the medical certificate if the driver's license is to be extended at the same time as the transfer.

Appropriate documents (employer certificates or other evidence) must be submitted for proof of the 185 days abroad.

If the foreign driving license has expired before entry, a clearance certificate from the issuing authority or the local central register is required.


In order to have the driver's license rewritten, the main residence of the applicant must be in Hamburg. In addition, the transfer is only possible if the foreign driver's license was acquired at a time when the applicant had normal residence for at least 185 days (six months) in the country of issue. This means that you must have been registered abroad for at least six months in order to be able to convert the driving license you acquired there into a German one at the LBV. This has to be proven.

Information is also available in other languages on the BMVI website (see link below).


Attention: This service is only available in the Hamburg-Mitte and Hamburg-Nord locations!

Appointment booking
Appointments are booked via the LBV. Proceed as follows here:
1. Visit the website to book an appointment (see link below) and select the service for transferring foreign driving licenses under the service group driving license.
2. Use the location selection to display appointments at a specific location.
3. After selecting the location, use the calendar displayed to select a free appointment (date and time).
4. Now enter your name and your e-mail address for booking.
5. You will receive an email. Please confirm the appointment.

Please bring the appointment confirmation that you will receive with you to the appointment.

Note for EU driving license holders who originally had a driving license from a third country:
If you have exchanged your driving license from a so-called third country without an examination in an EU country, please speak to the LBV immediately. Book the appointment for the transfer of a foreign driver's license with the LBV.
In this case, in the EU or EEA driving license, the code number 70 and the country code of the third country are shown below or after the classes in line 12.
With this driver's license you are not allowed to drive vehicles in Germany and a transfer is only possible with a theoretical and practical test.

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