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If you still have a paper driving license, you have to exchange it for an EU driving license with cards. The driving license classes are usually retained. Exceptions concern grades 2 and 3 , there are changes here if you have reached the age of 50. (see under "Important Notes")

a valid identity card or passport with a current registration certificate a biometric passport photo 35 x 45 millimeters the German paper license a copy of the index card , if the paper license was not issued in Hamburg (the applicant can apply for the copy himself or commission the LBV, which delays the process, however, further information can be found under "Links") the appointment confirmation For an extension of a truck driver's license of the old classes 2 and 3 you also need the following documents: an ophthalmological report in accordance with Annex 6 of the Driving License Ordinance (FeV) not older than two years a medical report in accordance with Annex 5.1 of the FeV not older than one year If you are no longer interested in extending the old classes and owner rights, you do not need a certificate and can continue to drive vehicles up to 7.5 tons plus trailers over 3.5 tons if the total weight does not exceed 12 tons.

The application can only be submitted to the LBV or the customer center if the applicant's main residence is in Hamburg. To apply for an exchange, you must present yourself personally.

Driving license exchange 2033 By 2033, all EU citizens must have standardized and forgery-proof driving license documents in card form. The EU obligation to exchange only applies to the driving license, the respective driving license classes are still valid for an unlimited period. You can apply for the exchange of your old driver's license at your customer center of the district office (only paper driver's license) or from us at LBV at all locations and at LBV Mobil. After the exchange, the document is valid for 15 years and must then be applied for again. Anyone who does not manage to exchange their driver's license in time must expect a fine. Further important information can be found under "Links". Exceeding the age of 50 If the age of 50 has been exceeded for more than 5 years, a theoretical and a practical test will be required for classes C and CE (formerly class 2). With the old class 3, it is no longer possible to extend vehicles over 7.5 tonnes (CE 79). Appointment booking Proceed as follows there: 1. Select the service under the service group Driver's license Exchange of German driving license for card driving license. 2. If you want to display the next available appointments depending on the location, select Select location. 3. Select Date selection to display the next available appointments regardless of their location. 4. Now select a free appointment (date and time) in the calendar that is displayed. 5. Now enter your name and email address for the booking. 6. You will receive an email. Please confirm the appointment. Please take the appointment confirmation that you will receive after booking with you to the appointment.

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