Apply for a driver's license, accompanied driving at the age of 17

With accompanying driving, novice drivers from the age of seventeen can practice safe driving in road traffic in the presence of accompanying persons and gain experience. An application is required for this.

  • the identity card or passport with a current registration certificate
  • a biometric passport photo 35 x 45 millimeters
  • proof of participation in first aid
  • an eye test (by an optician or ophthalmologist, validity: max. two years from the date of issue)
  • the application for accompanied driving at the age of 17 including a signed declaration of consent and copies of ID of the parent or legal guardian
  • the applications for participation as an accompanying person with signature (each accompanying person needs an individual application)
  • the driving licenses of all accompanying persons


The application can be submitted to the Landesbetrieb Verkehr (LBV) at the earliest six months (six months) before the learner driver turns seventeen. It is only possible for classes B (cars) and BE (cars with trailers). The main residence of the applicant must be in Hamburg.

The following applies to the accompanying persons:
- You must have had a class B driving license (formerly class 3) for at least five years
- they must be at least 30 years old
- At the time of the application, they may not have more than one point in the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg

All accompanying persons must be entered in the test certificate from the driving license authority.


After passing the examination, the examination certificate BF17 is issued. This is valid up to a maximum of three months after the 18th birthday and must be exchanged for the EU driving license at the Landesbetrieb Verkehr. From the 18th birthday, the driver's license holder can also drive unaccompanied.

Addendum from accompanying persons
Accompanying persons can be added later. To do this, you must submit a fee-based application with the above-mentioned documents for the accompanying person to the LBV.

Validity of driving licenses
All driving licenses issued after January 19, 2013 are limited to a validity of fifteen years. The deadline only relates to the validity of the driver's license, the driver's license remains valid. Only a new driver's license has to be issued, a new driving test is not necessary. Driving licenses issued before January 19, 2013 must be exchanged by January 19, 2033 at the latest.

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