Apply for license plate, export license plate

The license plate is only valid in the requested period. This can be requested for a period of one month. The period also depends on the duration of the vehicle insurance taken out and the validity of the last general inspection (HU sticker). From the beginning of the requested period, the vehicle tax must also be paid.

To apply for an export license, you need the following documents:
  • a valid original identity card or passport (with current confirmation of registration, provided that the residence is in Germany)
  • an insurance certificate for export license plates (only issued in paper form)
  • the registration certificate part I (vehicle registration)
  • the registration certificate part II (vehicle registration document)
  • the valid inspection certificate of the main inspection (HU), if an inspection was already required for the first time, see if necessary the approval certificate part I;
  • if the vehicle is still registered: the registration number (number plates)
  • a debit card
  • the appointment confirmation
Additionally, if the vehicle owner does not submit the application personally:
  • a legibly completed power of attorney in the original and a legible color copy of the identity card (from the identity card or passport) of the principal
  • the authorized representative's ID in the original
  • Original SEPA mandate of the principal for the collection of vehicle tax, if necessary with an account holder who differs from the applicant (if the tax is not to be paid by the owner himself, but by a so-called third party willing to pay, a copy of the third party's ID card is required for this .)

additionally for companies:

  • Proof of company in the form of an extract from the commercial register, business registration or extract from the register of associations (for associations)
additionally for new vehicles:
  • CoC paper or EEC certificate of conformity


For applicants residing within Germany
A place of residence within Germany is required to apply for an export license.

For applicants residing outside of Germany
If you do not have a place of residence in Germany, you will need an authorized recipient who must be registered in Hamburg. The authorized recipient (natural person) can accept notifications from the LBV on your behalf. He must be present in person when the export license is applied for.


Export abroad
If you want to transfer your vehicle abroad, we recommend deregistering in Germany beforehand. You can find all further information on exporting abroad under "Links".
Appointment booking
  1. Visit the website to book an appointment (see link below)
  2. Under the service group Approval, private customers, choose the service Export license plate.
  3. Use location selection to display appointments at a specific location
  4. Use the date picker to find the next available date regardless of your location
  5. Select a free appointment (date and time) in the calendar displayed
  6. Enter your name and email address to book.
You will then receive a confirmation of the appointment. Please bring this with you to the appointment.

If no direct debit authorization (direct debit) is possible for the payment of the vehicle tax, no authorization can be granted. A SEPA combined mandate for direct debit has also been permitted for foreign accounts since February 1, 2014.
In addition, the Landesbetrieb Verkehr (LBV) reserves the right to carry out an identity check of the vehicle in individual cases. In this case, the vehicle must be presented to the LBV.

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