Vehicle registration, oldtimer

Historic license plate - black license plate
As a motor vehicle cultural asset, vehicles that are over 30 years old have a special status under German law. You enjoy tax benefits and can be driven with a special classic car license plate. It works like a normal license plate, but always ends with an H (for historical).

Red license plates for classic cars
You can also apply for red license plates for classic cars. These are not for daily use, but can be used, for example, for short trips to take part in traditional events (e.g. old-timer meetings). For more information, see red markings.

The following documents must be available for admission:
  • a valid identity card or passport with current registration confirmation
  • the electronic insurance confirmation as an eVB code (available from motor vehicle insurance)
  • the registration certificate part II (vehicle registration document)
  • the registration certificate part I (vehicle registration) or the de-registration certificate
  • If no registration certificates have yet been issued, if necessary foreign registration documents and the original sales contract
  • an opinion according to § 23 StVZO (oldtimer appraisal),
  • the inspection certificate of the general inspection (TÜV) - not required for the allocation of red (07) license plates
  • For the payment of the vehicle tax, an original SEPA combination mandate for direct debit
    (If the tax is not to be paid by the keeper himself, but by a so-called third party willing to pay, a copy of the ID of the third party willing to pay is required.)
If an authorized representative submits the application on your behalf:
  • the power of attorney in the original with the legible color copy of the identity of the principal
  • the authorized representative's ID in the original
  • the appointment confirmation

Companies or associations must also submit the following documents:

  • Proof of authorization to act (for example, an extract from the commercial register or an extract from the register of associations)
If an authorized representative makes the application
  • the power of attorney in the original with the legible color copy of the ID of the authorized person
  • the authorized representative's ID in the original

Deviation when applying for red license plates (07) for classic cars:
A current certificate of good conduct (not older than 3 months - feature O for official purposes, to be applied for at the registration authority) must be presented


Approval from the Landesbetrieb Verkehr (LBV) is only possible if
  • the main residence under registration law is Hamburg,
  • the vehicle in question is an oldtimer (minimum age 30 years and submission of an expert opinion according to § 23 road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO)).
If you are applying for red license plates:
Personal appearance of the person responsible is necessary because of the instruction on how to use the red license plates. If the keeper and owner of the vehicle are not identical, the LBV must be informed of whom the vehicle is to be registered for.


The classic car license plate can be combined with a seasonal license plate. The combination of letters and numbers cannot exceed eight characters (including HH). A combination is recommended that does not contain more than four letters and numbers after the HH.

Appointment booking
Please make appointments for the black H license plates as part of your normal registration . To apply for the red license plate , you can easily make an appointment online under booking an appointment. Please proceed as follows there:
1. Select the service group Approval, private customers
2. In the expanded text, select the service Application for red license plates for classic cars
3. Use the location selection to display appointments at a specific location.
4. After selecting the location, use the calendar displayed to select a free appointment (date and time).
5. Now enter your name and email address for booking.
Please bring the appointment confirmation that you will receive with you to the appointment.

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