Child passport, update photo

The photo of the children's passport can be replaced by a current photo, provided that the children's passport has not yet expired.
All necessary documents must always be submitted in the original.
  • Valid children's passport
  • 1 biometrically readable passport photo from the latest time (35x45 mm without border, background light and monochrome pattern - see link Federal Ministry of the Interior)
  • Identity cards or passports of both parents
  • Presence of at least one custodian
  • Presence of the child
  • Declaration of consent with the signature of the legal guardian who is not present when the application is made in the resident customer center.
  • In the case of sole custody / joint custody of unmarried parents: proof of custody, e.g. decision on custody, declaration of custody and the like.
  • In cases of clarification, it may be necessary to present the child's birth certificate.


  • The children's passport has not yet expired
  • Child under 12 years of age with German citizenship
  • Personal interview with the child with at least one legal guardian / legal representative
  • The child is registered with their main residence in Hamburg


ATTENTION - The child passport is not recognized in every country. A definitive passport must then be applied for.
Please ask the tour operator, travel agency, Federal Foreign Office or the country you are traveling to about the respective entry requirements. United States travelers - see link Federal Foreign Office.
Section 5 Passport Act (PassG)
Ordinance on the implementation of the Passport Act (PassV)

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The child must be present in person when applying for a child's passport. The application is processed immediately and then handed over.

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