Residence, registration secondary residence

If you move into an apartment that you do not primarily use, this must be registered as a secondary apartment.
If there are several apartments in Germany, one of these apartments is the main apartment. Each additional apartment is a secondary apartment. For this purpose, it is regulated by law that the main residence is the predominantly used residence. In cases of doubt, the predominantly used apartment is where the center of life is.
  • Registration form - filled in (including the name and address of the landlord) and signed (the form is also available on site).
  • Confirmation of accommodation provider - mandatory since November 1st, 2015! - filled and signed
  • Documents of all people moving:
    - Identity card (passport, if no identity card is available)
    - Children: if available ID and / or passport, otherwise birth certificate

Additionally when registering (moving in from outside):

  • Married / partnered:
    - Original marriage certificate
    - Both ID cards (if they do not live separately)
  • Divorced:
    - legally binding divorce decree (original)
  • Widowed:
    - original death certificate
  • Unmarried and shared apartments:
    - Presentation of the identity cards of all persons as well as additional written authorizations of the persons not present


Registration only by appearing in person or by an authorized person of legal age.


  • The registration of the secondary residence must be made in the municipality in which the secondary residence exists.
  • The tax office levies a second home tax for the use of a secondary residence in Hamburg.
  • A registration of minors without both legal guardians must always be clarified in advance by telephone with the resident customer center.
  • When moving within the house, a change of registration is also required.
Sections 17 (1,3), 21 (3), 22, 23, 24 (1) Federal Registration Act (BMG) and 17.1, 17.3, 22 and 23 General Administrative Regulations for the Implementation of the Federal Registration Act (BMGVwV)

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  • Form: confirmation of accommodation provider - barrier-free, PDF, 235 KB, 1 page
  • Form: Registration at the registration office - barrier-free, PDF, 786 KB, 3 pages
  • Form: Supplement for registering for several apartments from November 1st, 2015 - barrier-free, PDF, 235 KB
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There is currently an obligation to make an appointment for a visit to the customer center. For this service you can choose between all customer centers, regardless of where you live.

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