Identification requirement, exemption
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In some cases, people can exceptionally be exempted from the general identification requirement.
  • All expired identification documents (identity card, passport) of the person who is to be exempted from the identification requirement.
  • Medical certificate about the illness or disability, which shows that the person in question can no longer participate in public life alone.
  • For childcare: the supervisor's ID as well as the supervisor's ID card or passport
  • In the case of authorization: authorization as well as identity card or passport of the authorized representative

Additional documents may be required, so the customer center must always be contacted by phone in advance.


The requirements are very individual and cannot be answered across the board. The following list is therefore neither complete, nor do the facts mentioned there automatically lead to an exemption from identification requirements. These are only possible indications:
  • People who are expected to be permanently housed in hospitals, nursing homes or similar facilities,
  • People who cannot move in public on their own because of a permanent disability.


The exemption from the identification requirement can only be applied for at the point in time when the identity card or passport is invalid. You will receive a confirmation of the exemption from the identification requirement. Together with the expired ID, the confirmation is primarily used to present to authorities and banks.

A trip abroad cannot be carried out with the confirmation of the exemption from the identification requirement.
Law on identity cards and electronic proof of identity (PAuswG).

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Appearance by the supervisor or an authorized representative. Upon presentation of the last expired ID / passport, the ID exemption will be issued on the same day.

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