Kfz, 100km / h sign

If the technical requirements are met, the maximum permissible speed for trailers can be increased to 100 km / h. The trailer must then be equipped with a 100 km / h sign (sticker). After the requirements have been checked, the sign is sealed and issued by the licensing authority.
  • Registration Certificate Part I
  • Expert opinion / examiner, if the suitability is not noted in the registration certificate.


The towing vehicle must meet the technical requirements to be able to take the trailer with it. Testing and use are the responsibility of the vehicle driver.


In the registration certificate Part I of the trailer, the suitability for speeds of up to 100 km / h must be entered under number 22. If this is not the case, an opinion from an officially recognized expert or auditor is required, from which the suitability can be seen.

Appointment booking

1. Visit the website to book an appointment (see link below) and select the service registration of technical changes under the service group Approval, private customers.

2. Use the location selection to display appointments at a specific location.
3. After selecting the location, use the calendar displayed to select a free appointment (date and time).
4. Now enter your name and your e-mail address for booking.
5. You will receive an email. Please confirm the appointment.

Please bring the appointment confirmation that you will receive with you to the appointment.

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