Vehicle deregistration, decommissioning, export abroad

Before a vehicle is brought or sold abroad, it is advisable to deregister in Germany beforehand, otherwise the tax and insurance obligation will continue to apply.
The following documents must be available for decommissioning:
  • Registration certificate Part I / vehicle registration)
  • the license plates of the vehicle to be deregistered
  • valid identity card or passport with current registration confirmation


If vehicles that are still registered in Germany are registered abroad, the foreign authorities are obliged to report the registration of the vehicle to Germany. Often the whereabouts of the registration certificate and the license plate is unclear, making it difficult to deregister.

You can de-register your vehicle at any vehicle registration office in Germany.

Drive after deregistration
After deregistration, the vehicle and the previously assigned license plates may be used until the end of the day of deregistration if it is covered by the vehicle insurance. This means that Hamburg vehicles can still drive directly to the storage location in Hamburg or in an adjoining registration area. A short-term or export license plate is required for all other journeys. Book an appointment for this too.

Appointment booking

  1. Visit the website (see link below).
  2. Book under the service group Registration, Private Customers an appointment for the services de-registration of a vehicle and export license plate or short-term license plate. In the following steps, please ensure that there is a sufficient time window of at least 20 minutes between the appointments.
  3. Use location selection to display appointments at a specific location. Use the date picker to find the next available date regardless of your location.
  4. Select a free appointment (date and time) in the calendar that is displayed.
  5. Enter your name and email address to book.

You will then receive a confirmation of the appointment. Please bring this with you to the appointment.

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