Early detection examinations for children U6 / U7, invitation

Screening tests help determine that a child is developing healthily. In this way, diseases and developmental delays can be identified and treated in good time. The costs for the examinations are covered by all statutory and most private health insurance companies.
Parents are written to to remind them to carry out the U6 and U7 examinations. If you have any questions about this, the health department offers a consultation, including a home visit.
  • yellow examination booklet,
  • Feedback card


Children in the 10th to 12th month of life (U6) and in the 21st to 24th month of life (U7)


Reply card
After the check-up U6 or U7 has been carried out in a doctor's practice, the participation of the child is confirmed on the card by a practice stamp. The doctor's practice will then send the card back to a central office.

Reply card was not sent
If the central office has no information about participation, it informs the health department of the responsible district office. The health department will then contact the family in writing to explain the purpose of the examinations and to provide them with information. If necessary, the employees of the health department point out specific support options for families in the district and offer the families a home visit.
Section 26 Book V of the Social Code (SGB V)

Hamburg Health Services Act and Registration Data Transfer Ordinance of April 22, 2014

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