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Welcome to the Melde-Michel!
The Melde-Michel offers you the opportunity to easily report damage to the public infrastructure in the city area. Regardless of whether a street lamp is not lit or a bank is broken in the city park, Melde-Michel is the right address for you. The notification can be made very conveniently, for example, from a smartphone or computer.

What does the reporting Michel do?
The incoming reports are saved and forwarded to the responsible offices in the Hamburg administration (e.g. the district offices) or to other companies (e.g. the Hamburg city cleaning service). We process and answer all reports.

What is the Melde-Michel for and what not?
The Melde-Michel is there for your reports on all aspects of the city's infrastructure. This relates to the areas of paths and streets, lanterns and illuminated traffic signs, green spaces and playgrounds, as well as sluices and bodies of water.


The Melde-Michel is not a portal for emergencies. In emergencies, please use the familiar emergency numbers 110 for the police and 112 for the fire brigade.
If you have general inquiries or suggestions for the Hamburg administration, use the contact person you know or the authority number 115.

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