Residence permit, transfer to a new passport

Foreigners who want to stay in Germany need a residence permit.

Since September 1st, 2011, the electronic residence permit (eAT) has replaced the residence permit issued as adhesive labels:

  • the residence permit, settlement permit and long-term residence permit issued so far as an adhesive label,
  • the residence card and the permanent residence card.

The previous residence permits in the passports and passport substitute papers remain valid. An exchange / transfer does not take place and is also not required as long as the title and passport are valid.

The electronic residence permit (eAT) will be reissued

All third-country nationals (including infants and small children) receive their own electronic residence permit.

Without exception, the foreigners department responsible for the place of residence is responsible.

The electronic residence permit is issued in credit card format. It contains a contactless chip. The following biometric data of the cardholder is stored on the chip:

  • 1. Photo,
  • 2. Fingerprints (from the age of 6).

Only official bodies (such as immigration authorities, police, registration authorities) are allowed to read the contents of the chip.

The validity of the electronic residence permit depends on the duration of the residence permit and also requires a valid passport. In the case of permanent residence permits, the card itself is valid for a maximum of 10 years.

If desired, the eAT can also be used as an online identification function or a qualified electronic signature. The responsible immigration authorities can provide more information. You can obtain detailed information on online use and other functions by calling 01801-333333 (3.9 ct / minute / landline).

  • valid passport
  • 1 current biometric passport photo 35mm x 45mm, light background
  • old passport with a valid residence permit


The residency permit is generally issued as an electronic residence permit.

The eAT is not issued on the day the application is submitted. The manufacturing time can take four weeks or even longer. It is therefore advisable to speak to the immigration authorities in good time before the validity period of the previous residence permit expires. A lead time of 6-8 weeks is currently assumed.

Residence Act

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