Residence permit, issued for children born in Germany
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A child born in Germany can be granted a residence permit if one of the parents has a residence permit, a settlement permit or a permit for permanent residence - EU.

If, at the time of birth, both parents or the parent with sole custody of the child have a residence permit, a settlement permit or a permit for permanent residence - EU, the child born in Germany will be granted the residence permit ex officio.

The stay of a child born in Germany whose mother or father is in possession of a visa or is allowed to stay without a visa at the time of birth is considered permitted until the visa expires or the legal visa-free stay.

  • Child's passport (the child must either have their own valid passport or be entered in a parent's passport)
  • 1 current biometric passport photo (not older than 6 months), 35mm x 45mm, frontal view, light background
  • Birth certificate
  • Parents passports


  • Born in Germany


The child must be born in the federal territory of Germany and must be registered in Hamburg together with the parent (s) who have custody.
Section 33 of the Residence Act

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