Registration for marriage, German participants

The registration of the marriage takes place at the registry office of the main or secondary residence of a fiancé. The marriage can then take place at any German registry office. For this purpose, an authorization for the marriage registry office is issued by the registry office in which the registration for the marriage took place.

Please inquire at your desired registry office whether a marriage is possible on the desired date.

The documents required to register the marriage depend on the personal circumstances of the respective bride and groom.

  • ID card or passport with current registration certificate
  • Complete, certified, current (if registered not older than 6 months) copy from the birth register
  • Current certificate of residence / extended registration certificate stating the marital status (when registering not older than 6 months / is often also referred to as a certificate of single status) - this can be created for people registered in Hamburg in connection with the registration for marriage at the registry office.

If not German from birth :

  • Citizenship card or certificate of naturalization. The naturalization certificates of the parents may also serve as proof of naturalization.

When planning:

  • New marriage certificate with notice of divorce (must contain the legally binding date of the divorce and the current name)
  • Divorce judgments of the previous marriage with certification of legal force (only required if NO divorce note is entered on the marriage certificate).
  • if widowed, death certificate of the spouse or current marriage certificate with a notice of dissolution and name

With children together :

  • Birth certificate of the child (s)
  • Acknowledgment of paternity (if the father is not listed on the birth certificate)
  • Declaration of custody for the common children.

When registering by one of the fiancés:

  • ID cards or passports with a current registration certificate for both fiancés (including the one who is not present when registering)
  • the completed, signed membership declaration (see link)


One of the fiancés must be registered in the district. If the couple lives separately in different districts, the marriage can be registered in one as well as in the other district. The registration can be carried out by one of the fiancées on their behalf.

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