Online service: building application - ongoing application process

  • This service offers you the opportunity to view the current status of the procedure and the data for the building applications you have already submitted.
  • You can also use this procedure to submit documents later.
  • On the website of the authority for urban development and the environment, you can find information on all aspects of building in Hamburg . Here you will also find the other forms to be attached to the application to download.
  • As an applicant for HamburgService - building application, you are automatically entitled to view the process.
  • The authorization to inspect a process can also be requested with the HamburgService - building application-ongoing application process. This inspection can only be given by the client.
  • For security reasons, the registration to use the HamburgService becomes invalid after 20 minutes without any registrable activity. The data entered up to then will be lost.
  • With the building application, all documents (building documents) required for assessing the project and processing the building application must be submitted in accordance with the building documents ordinance applicable to Hamburg.
  • According to the more detailed provisions of the statutory ordinance according to § 81
    Paragraph 6 HBauO in the currently applicable version must be submitted at a later date; they are then disregarded when assessing the completeness of the documents and the deadlines attached to them in accordance with Section 61 (3) and Section 62 (1).
  • Furthermore, §67 HBauO building submission authorization applies.


Usage authorization:
  • Before you use the online building application or the ongoing application process for the first time, you need to register for the HamburgService free of charge.
  • Security level 1 is sufficient to use the building application-ongoing application process

If you have any questions, please note the reference to the master user when registering as a company:
At least 2 email addresses are required!
The master user can:

  • Set up, authorize, change, delete users,
  • set up a second master user as a substitute (recommended),
  • Do not use online services yourself.

Important: A master user only has administrative rights. If the person registered as a master user wants to use online services himself, he or she must also set up a user with an additional e-mail address.


Do you have any questions about the building application process? Please use the building application service (see link) to determine the responsible building inspection department

Do you have technical questions about the online application? Please use the technical gateway support on 040 428 28 1234


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