All-day schools - fee notices for childcare remuneration
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The notification of fees for the care fee relates to services for all-day education and care that custodians have booked at the school.

Care during core hours, i.e. from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on class days, is free of charge. For preschool children, a uniform fee of at least 5 euros and a surcharge depending on income is charged for the core time. All additional care services, such as holiday care, early or afternoon care, are chargeable and are booked through the school office. The school office issues a booking confirmation for the services booked.

Changes and cancellations
Changes and cancellations of care services can only be initiated through the school office. Support services can be changed at any time.

At a school where a youth welfare agency provides care, the agency must agree. These rebookings only become effective in the quarter after the next (see also deadlines)

In addition, you can claim at any time if the income has changed by more than 15% or if the family and care situation of younger siblings would lead to a different fee determination. These changes usually take effect next month after registering in the school office.

Amounts overpaid will be offset against the next due dates after a change booking or cancellation has been made or, if a credit balance remains, will be paid back.

  • Notice of fees


  • A child of school age who uses paid childcare.


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Please contact the school office in the following cases:
(For contact details, see the link school information service in the BSB / Excel file)
In general, schools can be reached during class days. Many schools cannot be reached or can only be reached to a limited extent during the holidays.

  • Booking confirmation lost
  • Termination or change of care services
  • Children were not taken into account in the fee notification
  • Changes to the children's personal or other information
  • Questions about the composition of the fee
    (stated on the booking confirmation / parental receipt)
  • Problems with the provider of the care offer
  • Change of debtor
  • Request SEPA mandate

Please contact the school authority (BSB) in the following cases:

  • Notification of fees is wrong
  • did not receive a fee notification
  • Request a copy of the fee notification
  • Technical questions about all-day care if these go beyond the fee notification
  • Questions about the decree, hardship regulations and similar processes
  • Questions about the account balance in SAP
  • Refund credit
  • Request SEPA mandate
Fee schedule for the school system as well as for the areas of vocational training and general advanced training

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