Broadcasting fee in the private sector

The license fee replaces the license fee on January 1st, 2013. In the private sector, it is collected for each apartment. It is independent of the type and number of radio devices. The rule is: one apartment one contribution.

The license fee covers all radio devices, smartphones and computers within the apartment as well as the private cars of all residents. If a resident pays the radio license fee, the obligation of all people living in the apartment is covered.

If you have a second home, you have to pay an additional license fee for it. The changeover to the license fee takes place automatically as long as you do not provide any other information.
If you have paid broadcasting fees several times within an apartment, please contact ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Contribution Service, 50656 Cologne or go online (see links).



The following are liable to pay contributions in the private sector: Apartments of adults


Beginning of the obligation to contribute
The obligation to contribute begins on the first of the month in which you have an apartment for the first time.

That means:

  • live there,
  • be registered there,
  • be named as the tenant in the rental agreement

End of the obligation to contribute
The obligation to contribute ends at the end of the month in which this is communicated. The prerequisite is that the tenancy has ended at the time and the residents have moved out.

There is no obligation to pay contributions for an empty apartment.
Requirement is, that:

  • this apartment is not inhabited by anyone
  • there is no rental agreement
  • no person has been registered with the residents' registration office for this apartment
Interstate Broadcasting Fee Treaty (RGebStV)

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