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According to Section 39, Paragraph 1 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, it is forbidden to deliberately disturb wild animals or to catch, injure or kill them for no good reason and to impair or destroy the habitats of wild animals for no good reason. This minimum protection also applies to wasps, even if - unlike bumblebees and hornets - they are not subject to special protection. In an emergency: Contact resettlers for wasp nests or pest control agents (subject to a charge). See also tips from NABU on dealing with wasps under Links.


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Insect specialist advisor for colonizing insects

  • Mr Schubert Tel .: 01719610264 E-Mail: Wespen@gmx.de
  • Mr. Wieckhorst Tel .: 0171-4702633 E-Mail: Wespenberater@web.de
  • Ralf Ehlers phone: 017695712908
  • Marc Roscher Tel .: 015757583851
  • Merlin Hanika Tel .: 01739316539 E-Mail: info@wespenexperten.de

Wasps only:

  • Michael Neumann Tel .: 01786950460

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