License plate, change number plate

With the approval of interchangeable license plates, two vehicles with one license plate can be allowed under certain conditions.

The allocation of change number plates is only possible

  • for two vehicles of the same vehicle class, e.g. class M1,
  • two two-wheeled or three-wheeled motor vehicles and light four-wheeled motor vehicles,
  • two trailers with a gross vehicle weight of up to 0.75 tons

The license plates consist of an exchangeable common license plate part and a vehicle-related license plate part. Both together make up the complete label. The vehicle-related part has an identification number so that each vehicle has its own specific license plate and can be clearly identified. A W is stamped on the common label part above the place of the stamp sticker. The HU badge is applied to the rear vehicle-related license plate parts.

The application documents do not differ from the documents for normal vehicle registration.


The basic requirement is that there are two vehicles in the same vehicle class. Either two cars (vehicle class M1), two two- or three-wheeled vehicles (vehicle class L) or two trailers up to a maximum of 750 kg (vehicle class O1).


  • It should be noted that both vehicles must be taxed and both vehicles are subject to compulsory insurance.
  • Only one of the two vehicles is allowed to drive on public roads at the moment.
  • The second vehicle may not be parked in the public traffic area during this time.
  • The common part of the license plate must always be attached to the vehicle that is used on public roads. The vehicle-related parts always remain on both vehicles.

An appointment is required to apply for the exchange number.

To book your appointment, please use our online scheduling service. You can also use our special submission service in the approval area. Here you have the opportunity to submit your application for admission to the LBV. If the documents are complete, you can collect your case by arrangement, at the earliest on the following working day.

Please also note the possibility of a custom license plate.

Appointment booking:
There is no special appointment case type for this indicator. An appointment is to be made during admission.
It is therefore necessary to select the respective admission case type in the appointment management, e.g. description from outside HH.

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