Garden and organic waste
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Die Verbrennung von Gartenabfällen und die Verbrennung von sonstigen Holzabfällen (Gartenzäune, Bauholz, Paletten) ist nicht zulässig.
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Incineration of green waste in the garden is no longer permitted

With the Senate resolution to repeal the ordinance on disposal outside of waste disposal facilities, the incineration of garden waste in private gardens and public facilities is no longer permitted since October 18, 2017. This measure pursues the following goals:

  • An improvement in air quality in Hamburg through less particulate matter
  • A reduction in the negative impact on the mostly densely populated neighborhood through smoke nuisance
  • A more extensive control of the bio-waste streams to the Hamburg city cleaning system to generate energy and compost from biomass

The disposal of garden waste by incineration is now an administrative offense.

To dispose of garden waste, there is a bio-waste bin almost everywhere in Hamburg. In addition, the municipal cleaning service accepts garden waste from private households up to 1 m3 per journey free of charge at all recycling yards and leaves are collected in special leaf sacks directly from the property during the leaf season.
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It is also allowed to recycle garden waste, for example by composting or mulching. It is also permitted to light private traditional fires such as campfires, barbecues or Easter bonfires in compliance with fire protection guidelines. Only dry, natural woods are permitted for this. The large public Easter bonfires approved by the district authorities are still permitted as traditional bonfires.

Circular Economy Act

Section 28 Paragraph 1 Clause 1 in conjunction with Section 69 Paragraph 1 No. 2 and Paragraph 3.
(1) For the purpose of disposal, waste may only be treated, stored or deposited in the approved facilities or facilities.

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