Business reports, Hamburg Chamber of Crafts

According to ยง 14 of the trade regulations, traders must report the following changes: relocation of business within Hamburg (subject to a fee), change of the commercial object (free of charge), expansion of the commercial object (free of charge). In addition, voluntary (free of charge) notifications can be made (e.g. name changes or changes of name, changes in management, changes to the private addresses of the tradespeople or the managing directors; partial abandonment of the business item). the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Crafts, the respective trade association, the state office for occupational safety.
Identity card or passport with last registration certificate, if necessary extract from the commercial register, other contracts.


Business registrations can also be made in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce or in the district office of the company headquarters, an online procedure is also available (see related links). A trade can also be re-registered by a person who can be shown to have been authorized in writing by the trade owner.

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