Certificate of eligibility

The right to stand as a candidate must be proven by submitting a certificate of eligibility. Anyone wishing to run for a political mandate in an election must prove that they are eligible for election when submitting the nomination. Confirmation of eligibility is a prerequisite for being able to be put up on ballot papers for elections.
The certificate is issued by submitting a form. This form is available to the candidates in good time on the Internet before the respective elections in Hamburg (www.hamburg.de/wahlen). This form can also be filled out on the Internet (required information: name, date of birth, full address), but must then be printed out with a handwritten and personal signature.

If Hamburg citizens run for elections outside of Hamburg, the forms from other federal states or cities must be used in order to have their eligibility confirmed.


The fully completed form can be sent by post or submitted in person to the Residency Office - Central Registration Matters / Resident Register. The eligibility is confirmed here - the form must then be picked up again.

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