Identity card, apply for from 16 years of age or older
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From the age of 16, ID is required for German citizens. If you have a valid passport, you are not required to provide identification.

As an alternative to a child's passport or passport, children up to the age of 16 can receive an identity card.

From the age of 16 the applicant can apply for the identity card alone (see documents - first application)

The new identity card can be used as electronic proof of identity. This function is automatically switched off for children and adolescents up to the age of 16. Later activation (from 16 years) possible. Before applying, the customer center will give you a brief consultation on how to use the online ID function. Detailed information on online use and other functions is available by calling 0180-1-33 33 33 (3.9 ct per minute from a landline) or on the Internet at

  • 1 biometrically readable passport photo from the latest time (35x45 mm without border, background light and monochrome. Sample - see link Federal Ministry of the Interior).


  • First application: birth certificate and, if available, child's passport or passport. If there is no old ID: a parent and an ID card of one of the parents as proof of citizenship.
  • Re-application after expiry: old identity card
  • After naturalization: naturalization certificate, old passport or identity certificate, birth and / or marriage certificate.


  • personal interview when submitting the application (also applies to minors)
  • German citizenship according to Article 116 of the Basic Law
  • registered in Hamburg with an apartment.
    If you are registered in Hamburg with a second residence, the approval of the identification authority at the place of your main residence is required for the issuance of the identification document; this is obtained from the customer center.


Extension or change not possible! A new identity card will ALWAYS be issued.

The recording of fingerprints has been mandatory since August 2nd, 2021. The signature is mandatory.

In urgent cases, a temporary identity card (valid for a maximum of 3 months) can be applied for and handed over immediately.

People without a permanent address or homeless can contact the Hamburg-Mitte customer center.

Section 9, Paragraph 2, Sentence 3 of the Identity Card Act

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