Child check-ups U6 / U7, invitation system

The child check-ups help determine that a child is developing healthily. In this way, diseases and developmental delays can be identified and treated in good time. The costs for the examinations are covered by all statutory and most private health insurance companies. If there is no insurance coverage, parents can contact the health department in their district office to enable the children to be examined.

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg would like to specifically promote the health of all children and further improve their protection. Participation in the medical child preventive examinations is an important component of this. For this reason, the Hamburg city council has decided to introduce an optimized invitation system for the child preventive examinations U6 and U7.

  • yellow examination booklet
  • Reply card


Children in the 10th to 12th month of life (U6) and in the 21st to 24th month of life (U7)


Due to the corona infection, there may be no U6 / U7 examinations at the pediatrician.

Procedure for inviting the U6 and U7 child preventive examinations

As part of the invitation system, the parents or custodians of children in the 10th to 12th and 21st to 24th months of life who are registered in Hamburg are sent a letter from a central office (state family office) based in Neum√ľnster to the child preventive examinations U6 and U7 remembers. This is done by sending an invitation letter with a coded and stamped card to the parents. Parents are asked to take the card, along with the yellow examination booklet, with them to the preventive medical check-up.

After the check-up U6 or U7 has been carried out in the doctor's office, the child's participation is confirmed on the card by a practice stamp. The doctor's practice will then send the card back to the central office. There, the postcards sent back are compared with the data from the registration authority.

Further progress if there is no response
If the central office has no information about participation, it informs the health department of the responsible district office. The health department will then contact the family in writing as soon as possible so that they can make an appointment at a medical practice as quickly as possible and catch up on the preventive medical check-up.

Examination period exceeded
If an examination in the practice is no longer possible within the legally prescribed time frame, the child can also be presented to the health department in individual cases. The health department would like to know or understand why the preventive medical check-up was not carried out, also in order to be able to address and remind families better and more specifically in the future. The employees of the health department point out specific support options for families in the district and also offer the families a home visit.

If there is no response from the custodians within a specified period, which is specified in the cover letter from the health department, the health department will carry out an announced home visit to the family.

Hamburg Health Services Act and Registration Data Transfer Ordinance of April 22, 2014

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