Parental benefit - general information

Parental allowance is paid for children born on or after January 1st, 2007. For children born before December 31st, 2006, the Child Care Allowance Act applied until June 30th, 2009. Parental allowance is based on the income of the applicant, not on the family income (exception: people who are subject to wealth tax, see also parental allowance income limit) and amounts to between 65 and 100% of the lost net income, min. EUR 300 and max. EUR 1,800 . Parental allowance is usually granted up to the child's 12th month. Who in the reference period more than 30 hours / week. works, is not entitled to parental allowance.
  • Completed, signed application
  • Copy of identity card or passport with residence permit / certificate of freedom of movement and current registration certificate
  • Original of the birth certificate for parental allowance (issued by the registry office at birth)
  • completed certificate A maternity benefits and, in the case of gainful employment, certificate B
  • Declaration of income with proof, generally copies of the wage or salary slips for the last 14 months before the birth, copy of the tax assessments of both parents for the calendar year before the birth
  • last parental allowance notices for older children
  • Self-employed: last tax assessment, profit and loss account, proof of contributions to social insurance (KV, PV, RV)
  • FHH employees : KoPers expression
  • in the case of part-time work with parental allowance: certificate of earnings from the applicant
  • Unmarried fathers living with a child in the household: Certificate of paternity
  • Single parents : proof of sole custody

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