Announcement of experts for safety tests according to the Federal Immission Control Act
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  • Informal application in accordance with the requirements of the 41st BlmSchV
  • curriculum vitae
  • Work samples


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According to Section 29a of the BImSchG, the competent authority can order that the operator of a facility that requires approval, or of a facility within an operating area according to Section 3 (5a), initiate the performance of certain safety-related tests and reviews of safety-related documents. As a rule, a known expert is commissioned for this.
The application for notification according to § 29b BImSchG is to be submitted to the
Authority for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture
Office for Immission Control and Companies
Section I 11, principle of accident prevention
Neuenfelder Strasse 19
21109 Hamburg
According to § 29 b BImSchG - notification of experts and bodies - in connection with the 41st BImSchV (notification regulation).

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