Industry in need of surveillance

A trade requiring supervision according to § 38 GewO (also called trust trade) is, for example, motor vehicle trade, travel agencies, key services, trade in high-quality second-hand goods and consumer goods, marriage brokerage, trade in precious metals and other branches of industry. The competent authority checks the reliability of the trader immediately after the business registration or the business re-registration in accordance with Section 14 has been submitted. The trader must therefore submit a certificate of good conduct in accordance with Section 30 (5) of the Federal Central Register Act and information from the Central Commercial Register in accordance with Section 150 (5) for submission to the authorities, both of which can be applied for by the trade office upon receipt of the trade report for reimbursement (EUR 13.00 each) become.

In the case of business re-registrations, in which only the company's headquarters are relocated within Hamburg, there is no need for a further reliability check.

ID card or passport with last registration certificate.
Extract from the commercial register (in the case of legal partnerships, e.g. GmbH, AG, registered merchant, entrepreneurial company).
Notary contracts (if, for example, the KG or GmbH is not yet entered in the commercial register).
Handicraft card (for handicraft activities).


You can register in person or in writing using the form (see: Further information - Downloads) (in the latter case, please enclose copies of the documents listed under required documents). A personal registration is recommended in order to be able to clarify questions in doubt quickly and conclusively. The registration of a trade can also be done by a person who can be shown to have been authorized and identified in writing by the trade owner.

A duplicate of the confirmation of the business registration is available at reduced fees.

Business registrations are also accepted in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts, an online procedure is also available (see related links). Note: Use of the online process is subject to a fee! A fee of EUR 20 is charged for using the online procedure. In the case of partnerships (e.g. GbR, KG, OHG, GmbH & Co. KG etc.) the fee per partner is EUR 20. This fee also covers additional fees for issuing a certificate of the corresponding advertisements. The information from the Federal Central Register and the Central Commercial Register required for the trade requiring supervision according to § 38 GewO is due for each partner in the case of partnerships.

Section 38 Trade Regulations (GewO)

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