Letters of commitment, stay over 3 months

The submission of a declaration of commitment to assume the maintenance costs in favor of a foreigner is a possibility to help the foreigner to obtain a residence permit if the foreigner does not have sufficient funds himself.

Depending on the type and duration of the intended stay, different requirements are placed on the financial capacity of the obligated party so that the requirement for the granting of sufficient means of subsistence can be met.

The declaration of commitment, which is notarized on a nationwide and forgery-proof form, can also be used as proof of an invitation in the procedure for visiting stays (Schengen visa).

A declaration of commitment cannot be made by the following persons:

  • Recipients of benefits under the AsylbLG, SGB II or SGB XII
  • for foreigners, if they have the following: Duldung, residence permit, visa for visiting purposes, short-term residence permits.

In Hamburg, the customer centers or foreigners offices of the district offices are responsible offices.

The VISITOR requires:
  • exact personal details (first and last name, date and place of birth) of the visitor
  • Address of the visitor abroad,
  • The serial number of the visitor's passport is also desirable.

The HOST requires:

  • ID card or passport
  • Proof of financial capacity
  • In addition to notices about child benefit, child allowance or parental benefit, also for EMPLOYEES by submitting the wage / salary statement / notification of earnings for the last 3 months.
  • In the case of RENTNERN, the pension notification showing the amount of the current monthly pension.
  • SELF-EMPLOYED / FREELANCY: Last tax assessment and current profit and loss account or other evidence (e.g. certified by a tax advisor) showing the monthly net income or the current monthly profit. Account statements or savings books are NOT sufficient as evidence.
  • LEGAL PERSONS (e.g. GmbH): extract from the commercial register (not older than 3 months), an interview with the managing director or an authorized signatory.


You can only contact the resident customer center responsible for your place of residence. The responsibilities may differ in the individual customer centers. The processing takes place in the department for foreigners affairs or in the department of resident data. You can find out who is responsible when you enter your registration address in the field below.

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