Moped test / moped test certificate

If you are 15 years of age or older, you can drive a moped on public roads, provided you have a so-called 'moped test certificate'. You will receive this if you have successfully completed theoretical and practical moped training and passed the required theoretical test.


After completing the moped training at a driving school, you will receive a training certificate.
The theoretical moped exam is taken at the Technical Test Center for Motor Vehicle Traffic (TP). The training certificate must be presented there.
After passing the theoretical moped exam, the TP will issue you with the moped test certificate.
You do not need a moped test certificate if you have a valid German driver's license of any class or if you have a valid foreign driver's license that entitles you to drive vehicles in Germany.
Anyone who reached the age of 15 before April 1, 1980 does not need a driving license or a moped test certificate to drive a moped on public roads.

At the test date at the technical test center:
  • Identity card or passport
  • Training certificate from the driving school or school
  • Applicant card (if the training took place via the driving school)


Please contact a driving school.

You must always have the moped test certificate (or your driver's license) with you when driving a moped on public roads.
If you lose the moped test certificate, you must contact the technical test center that issued the test certificate to issue a replacement test certificate.

ยง 5 Ordinance on the admission of people to road traffic (Driving License Ordinance - FeV).

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