Dental examinations in day care centers

The dental service offers a free medical check-up for children between 3 and 6 years of age, usually free of charge, in day-care centers. Both the teeth and the position of the teeth are checked. In this way, the children can get used to the dental examination at an early stage in a familiar environment. All parents then receive the “Green Parents Letter” with the test results. In addition, it contains a recommendation for regular preventive examinations in the dental practice.

No documents are required.


  • Attendance at a daycare center,
  • Age 3 to 6 years


The examinations take place in the day-care centers.

A written objection by the legal guardian is sufficient if the child should not take part in the dental examinations.
§ 21 Social Code V (SGB V) - Prevention of dental diseases (group prophylaxis)
Section 4 (2) of the Hamburg Childcare Act (KibeG)
If you register in advance, the dental examinations in the day-care center are carried out in small groups.

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