Re-notarization of a marriage abroad

If someone got married abroad, an application can be made to the registry office of their place of residence for the marriage to be subsequently recorded in the German marriage register (the family register on application no longer exists since 01.01.2009).

In principle, properly issued marriage certificates (marriage certificates) from abroad are recognized in Germany. There is no obligation to re-authenticate.

However, the entry in the German marriage register can be advantageous because the local registry office can issue a German marriage certificate. The registry office checks the effectiveness of the marriage according to German law and the respective foreign law. It is also checked whether the name declarations noted in the marriage certificate are effective; if necessary, name declarations are included.

The re-certification can only take place after prior consultation with the responsible registry office. During the consultation you will find out which documents have to be presented for re-certification.


A marriage concluded abroad can only be entered in the German marriage register if it has been legally concluded. In addition, it must not contradict German law.

The re-certification of the marriage is possible for:

  • German citizens
  • Stateless, homeless foreigners or foreign refugees with habitual residence in Germany
  • Marriages in foreign consulates in Germany if neither of the spouses is a German citizen

The following is entitled to apply:

  • each spouse
  • both died:
    - their parents or
    - their children


The registry office in whose district the person entitled to apply is domiciled (habitual residence) is responsible. If this does not result in any jurisdiction, the registry office I in Berlin is responsible.

You can see whether an appointment is required for advice at the relevant registry office by looking at the opening times of the respective registry office.

  • Sections 9, 15, 34 f. Personal Status Act (PStG)
  • Introductory Act to the BGB
  • BGB
  • Federal Expellees and Refugee Act
  • Citizenship Act
  • Law on the procedure in family matters and in matters of voluntary jurisdiction
  • Consular Act
  • foreign laws (property law)

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