Traffic flow improvement (KOST coordination office)

Unfortunately, a big city like Hamburg cannot be kept free of construction sites. To a large extent, Hamburg’s infrastructure facilities are 30 to 40 years old. This means that, among other things, the roads are not designed for today's traffic load and the resulting stresses, especially heavy goods traffic, due to the dimensions of the time. So old age with natural signs of wear and tear such as B. Oxidation as well as heavy traffic loads unfortunately quite simultaneously to damage in many areas of the road network. The same applies to underground lines (gas, water, electricity), which can also trigger construction sites. An intact road infrastructure is a basic requirement for modern mobility and an effective measure for ensuring the flow of traffic over the long term.
There is a coordination office (KOST) so that the overall flow of traffic can be ensured with sufficient efficiency and avoidance and diversion routes are available in the same direction of travel. For the coordination, not only the purely temporal considerations or spatial proximity play a role, but also the driving relationships as a whole. In addition, external circumstances can influence the construction work, e.g. B. Deviations in the subsoil, lack of skilled workers in the construction industry, weather influences, accidents, holiday and rush hour or construction work by private companies. Coordination of construction sites does not mean that there are no more traffic disruptions, especially during peak times. Many other aspects, such as the fact that many people commute by car, also play a role.


If you have any questions about construction work, please contact the construction site hotline 040 428 28 2020

Regarding permits for construction sites on roads, please contact the respective district.

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