Information block, final

Due to the contact restrictions and distance rules, this service is currently only offered in writing. Please contact the residents' register of the Harburg district office by e-mail.

The data stored in the population register can be blocked in the event of danger to life and limb, health, personal freedom or similar interests worthy of protection.

Information is then inadmissible unless a risk can be ruled out after hearing the person concerned. The blocking does not apply to authorities and public bodies.

  • Police, judicial or other documents to substantiate the application.
  • An information letter and the application form are automatically sent to the applicant after an informal application in the customer center resident data.


The customer must make credible that he or another person can endanger life, health, personal freedom or similar interests worthy of protection as a result of the information from the register. A review of the information must confirm the risk.


The fully completed application form must be sent to the Resident Department - Resident Register Department (information blocks), Harburger Rathausforum 3, 21073 Hamburg.

The specialist office for residents and residents will contact you for the further procedure.

The final information block will be saved in the population register for two years after approval. An extension is possible on request.

Section 51 (1) of the Federal Registration Act (BMG)

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The information block is entered upon request.

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